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Primary Oral Care
Various preventive measures are available to the dental patient to counteract dental caries initiation and progression. The module includes primary to professional oral health care strategies from dietary impact understanding to essential oral hygiene education and basic clinic-based procedures.
Pit and Fissure Sealant
The module presents pit and fissure sealant information and use.
Silver Diamine Fluoride
The module presents a technique that can arrest and prevent caries progression in a pediatric or special care patient.
Pediatric Restorative Dentistry
The module presents various restorative dentistry material options suitable for both primary and permanent dentition and procedural techniques in the acceptable application of an indicated restoration of a pediatric or special care patient.
Local Anesthesia
The module is on pain control prior to an invasive dental procedure such as restorations, pulp treatments and extractions in the context of pediatric dentistry.
Rubber Dam Usage
Rubber dam application can be a critical adjunct to performing clinical procedures in terms of infection control, behavior management and convenience. The module provides rationale for its use and the few instances when other tooth isolation techniques can be considered.
Space Maintainers
The module presents an important potential component of pediatric treatment planning to manage space resulting from premature loss of primary tooth/teeth. It includes mixed dentition analyses and the most commonly used space maintainers for different cases.
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Personal information and diagnostic tools obtained from an actual pediatric dental case scenario to be provided for the creation of a satisfactory clinical comprehensive case presentation.
Oral Surgery
Extraction is considered a last resort. If it is the indicated procedure, then surgical removal of a tooth from a pediatric patient follows the same diagnostic and patient management principles applied in adult patients. There is no age restriction for tooth extraction but extra care should be observed for immature patients and the preservation of developing teeth under indicated-for-extraction primary predecessors.
Pediatric Dentistry Workguide (Copy 2)
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